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Role of Safety Glasses in The Workshop and Technology Unit

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Alina Jacob


Safety glasses can curb foreign objects that drift around. They can affect your vision. These hazardous components or chemicals could be floating around you at your workplace. Some risky jobs involve building construction, supervision, plumbing, welding, and mining. Soot, dust, pollen, and wood particles can harm your eyes and leave long-lasting trauma. Workers suffer from an eye injury when they do not use protective tools. Many people ignore the importance of eye protection in the workplace. Potential threats can be prevented just by covering your eyes.

Construction Threats

A worker by misusing apparatus and plain carelessness can get scratches and scrapes. He may lose his vision or limbs. Death can also occur. Eye injuries are common when you are working at such places. Across America, approximately 1,000 eye injuries transpire in workplaces every day. Nothing can compensate for the damage that eye victims undergo. Different types of heavy equipment are used at the workplace these include are

  • Excavators

Excavators are mainly employed for landscaping, shoveling, lifting, locating large objects, and abolishing structures.

  • Backhoe

They are good for excavation, earthmoving operations such as digging a trench and dragging material.

  • Dragline Excavator

This is a large machine that is used in mining areas for excavating. It can unearth dirt and other materials from the construction areas.

  • Bulldozers

This is a heavy tractor and strong machine. This aids in excavating, pushing, and digging at the workplace.

• Graders

This is heavy equipment with a long blade that levels the surface. This is also known as a road grader.

• Wheel Tractor Scraper

A wheel tractor scraper or belly scraper is well known for earthmoving.

• Trenchers

This is used to dig trenches.

• Loaders

As the name indicates, it loads substances like soil, rock, gravel, waste, debris, etc. To deal with all these heavy pieces of equipment, workers need to protect their eyes from debris, dust, and other floating foreign invaders by using safety specs.

Safety Specs and Welding

Welding is a process of joining metals together by providing heat. If the worker does not carry the protective gear, he may get an electric shock. In arc welding technique, live electrical circuits are consumed to develop a pool of molten metal which can be hazardous for the laborer without protective equipment. Exposure to UV and IR Radiations can cause a lot of damage to your eyesight if you do not keep your eyes safe. In the arc welding process, workers are prone to exposure to fumes and gases. They can cause respiratory diseases along with eye diseases. This is why it is said to carry your protection kit. Always wear reasonable PPE and take proper training.


Use of Safety Goggles in The Laboratory

All laboratory staff is instructed to wear PPE when dealing with chemicals. The protection gear may contain pants and closed-toe shoes, chemically reluctant gloves, a lab coat, and a pair of safety eyewear. 

Medical Safety Goggles 

Doctors, nurses, and other paramedics are at stake because of random airborne fluids and organisms including the strain of coronavirus. These fluids and particles can pollute or cause considerable injury to these medical specialists. Because of this, doctors, nurses, and others must conceal their eyes from any possible injury.

Why Do We Need Safety Glasses in The Technology Department?

Many employees experience serious vision problems when they look at the digital screens for a prolonged duration. They are likely to get digital eye strain, which is characterized as computer vision syndrome CVS. Workers who have to spend hours at their jobs are vulnerable to this eye fatigue. Hence, to lessen the glare, change the lighting effect around you, and diminish the effect on your computer screen experts advise wearing safety glasses at the technology department.

Although CVS potentially doesn't induce lasting damage, it can drive to Headaches, temporary dimmed vision, and pain in the neck and shoulder. But nobody wants that. Special safety glasses have anti-glare filters that alter the focusing pattern of the user. You need a pair of safety eyewear either you are at the construction site or dealing with heavy machines. You need a proper kit when you deal with an advanced laser.


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