About Us - Eyeweb

Eyeweb is an online company which provides services to create an extraordinary value to our customers with the ultimate convenience. Going back in time, in 1996 digital cameras were invented but Eyeweb parent company was busy in developing a virtual place where customers can use try-on technologies. This try-on technology was basically for hairstyle and other cosmetic applications.

The same technology we have been using on our website so customers can virtually try our frames. Later, the company developed sonar-based measurement technologies for optician which completely eliminated the measurement error from manual PD ruler. This accomplishment made us the pioneers in this field and it is also used by major online eyewear retailers remotely calculate the measurement needed. If you are a consumer with plenty of money, time, and have little patience then you should go to a local eyewear store where you can get “physical hand-holding” experience. And if you want to save a lot of money and your time, and if you want to learn a new process then Eyeweb is the right place for you to buy a best eyewear for you. The traditional Brick and Mortar retailer has a huge disadvantage because of the impracticality of services.

Eyeweb online stores are open 24/7 with much lower operating costs. Our website has a much larger collection of eyewear, sunglasses, safety glasses, virtually try-on technology, discount prices, guaranteed satisfaction, and accessible anywhere, at any time. If you are looking for a new process of buying your eyewear, then visit our website and a save a bunch of money to spend it on something else.