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When is National Eyewear Day 2022

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


National Eyewear Day is celebrated on 6th June every year, and there is a holiday for the remembrance of modern Safety Glasses. Well, spectacles were discovered 700 years ago and they served people in different ways to make them happier and their lives more productive. Today, spectacles are not the improved version of old specs and vision protection, but they also help in style statements. Due to all these reasons, it was observed to celebrate this miracle device by getting new eye-catching frames of your favorite brand.

Besides, eyewear day is a clear sign of its importance in everyone’s lives. They don’t have one reason to wear them, but you can use them for multiple causes. You can use them first for vision correction and then choose them for eyes protection. Furthermore, the availability of various styles makes a well-known reason to celebrate this day as National Eyewear Day.


Reason to Celebrate National Eyewear Day:

Thus, 6th June marks an annual day for eyewear, and this is a day for the eyeglasses community. Besides, this is a day of commitment to promoting essential tips and tools that bring great awareness about the significant importance of detailed eye exams. A thorough eye exam is vital for the overall health of the eyes. The first time, Zyloware stands up to announce this day as National Calendar day. Soon after this submission, everyone started to post it on social media posts using different hashtags #ZylowareEyewear or #NationalEyewearDay.

No doubt, this eyewear day is exciting and more entertaining. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this day and how it is valuable for us. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity for the wearers to join this community. Focus on why take an earlier step for eye care and why it is significant for eyes. For easy access, the team of Zyloware has forward a toolset that is easy to download free of cost. There are various resources through which you can easily participate in Eyewear Day because it is pretty convenient and great fun. Including features regarding this day are social media posts, press releases, and many more for user guidance.


Origin of National Eyewear Day:

Let's get to know the facts from scratches. The first time, the national eyewear day was announced by Zyloware eyewear in 2016. This company was originated in 1923 with the help of Joseph Shyer. They had a demand to get off day for the celebration that what are the advantages for vision enhancement. Besides, they wanted to spread awareness among people for the significance of spectacles as a fascination.



Interesting facts for National Eyewear Day:

Although, it is no doubt that past experience with wearing eyeglasses was not good because wearers were getting made fun of by surrounding people. Luckily now people have come out of this stigma, and even they are looking forward as a fashion statement for several people. All these reasons incite us to dig more facts about eyewear so that more people can celebrate this day. Let's explore some interesting facts about eyeglasses regarding past days.

Technically, eyeglasses are a term that is mostly used for eyewear, and it was not like that ever. In the beginning, the specs were crafted through glass, but nowadays they are created with resin. Therefore, calling eye-resin was not an attractive sound and thus give them the name as eyeglasses.

An expensive pair of sunglasses was sold for around 270000 euro, and created with 24K gold and 51K diamonds. But eyes are too precious than this figure, and we must shield our eyes for retaining perfect vision from the harsh sunlight.



However, we had no idea how many eyeglasses are broken per annum. And how many frames are smashed or cracked only in the USA per annum. But according to some statistics, fourteen pairs of specs are broker in every minute.

Thus observing this day as a Nation Eyewear Days is pretty simple. You need to put on your favorite eyeglasses and then show the world. If you are willing to buy Eyeglasses online, make sure to post your pics on social media and tag them like #NationalEyewearDay. Of course, everyone will appreciate you celebrating this day in this way.


Different activities on National Eyewear Day:

Wearing accurately prescribed lenses would help to enhance your vision health. So, find out professional eye care and test your eyes in detail to avoid any serious issues regarding eyes health. Choose a pair of eyeglasses for your close friend on this Eyewear day. Give new chances to your old eyeglasses and donate them to come charities center.




So, grab your favorite pair of eyeglasses for any reason. Whether it can be for attaining correct vision, safety, or adopting a new style because eyeglasses are versatile in plenty of ways. Thus, there are unlimited ways to celebrate this vision day in your own style.

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