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Wiley X Blink Sunglasses Even Protect Your Eyes in The Winter

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Alina Jacob


Winter ultraviolet rays have the same strength of damaging your skin and eyes as in summertime. Therefore, you need to wear Wiley x blink sunglasses even in the cold months as well. Several reasons can convince you to wear sunny wear in the winter season for eye protection. Eyes and their surrounding skin is too much delicate therefore need more protection.

Hazard UV rays can hurt your surrounding skin or eyes and give a dull look. So, what are you thinking about the winter season? UV rays have the same effect of hurting your eyes at this time as well. In the end, you get dark circles and even aging symptoms on the skin. So, don’t forget to wear sunglasses when you apply sunscreen.

Reduce Glare with The Help of Wiley X Blink Sunglasses:

Have you any idea about harmful glare? Generally, sunlight blocks the windshield while dawn or dusk time and makes it difficult to see well. You cannot see clearly for a few seconds when you face such an amount of intense light. Glare is more harmful in the winter and fall season because this time the sun becomes lower at horizon level. During this time, the sun rays strike the earth and reflect at a lower but bright angle. Ice, traffic lights, and snow all create harmful reflections.

Winter Iceland is so beautiful to see, but glare can create an obstacle to see clearly while skiing, driving, or walking. But by wearing Wiley x sunglasses, can significantly decrease glare when you are driving. Besides, you can protect yourself from any unnecessary mishap. Plus, your eyes will get a more comfortable view. And if you are already a wearer, to avoid glare, you can choose prescription sunglasses. 

Shield Your Eyes from UV Rays by Wiley X Aspect Sunglasses:

Everyone is well aware of UVA and UVB rays. These two types of rays are harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that lead to many eyes and skin diseases. But prolonged exposure to UV radiation even in the cold months is as harmful as in summer months. They can cause many eyes diseases like:

  • Macular degeneration is age-related causes vision loss in older age.
  • A cataract is a clouding effect on the natural eyes lens.
  • Corneal sunburn is due to short rem exposure, but intense exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to temporary vision loss.
  • Pterygium is a growth of cornea with the blockage of eyesight.
  • Skin cancer can happen around the eyelids.

But the good news is that your sunglasses are an excellent tool to block all these hazards ultraviolet rays. So, wearing sunny wear in the cold months can help you to prevent your eyes and their surrounding delicate skin from wrinkle.

Wiley X Blink Sunglasses Can Keep Your Eyes from Dust and Debris:

Watery eyes, dry eyes, and general eye annoyance are common grievances in the winter season. As cold air hit your face and eyes, rationally, they produce tears. Extra tears will produce if your eyes get irritated. The tear film that presents at the front of eyes quickly evaporate in the fast blowing wind, Besides, this season left behind your eyes dry comfortably. Wiley x sunglasses decrease the evaporation tear of your eyes with the natural moisture.

They keep your eyes relax and comfortable in the strong wind. On windy days, small particles can enter your eyes and can scratch them. Sometimes, they can lead to corneal abrasions. But shades can keep your eyes away from dust and flying debris. Particularly if you have close-fitting wraparound shape sunglasses, they are an ideal choice for your eyes.

Reduce Headache and Eye Strain with Wiley X Aspect Sunglasses:

In the presence of bright light, your pupils constrict automatically. On the other hand, pupils become dilate automatically in dark settings. Eye strain produces when you face inadequate or bright light. Because pupils cannot adjust with the level of brightness. The retina of your eyes sensitive to light, and in extreme settings, your pupils unable to constrict. Photochromic lenses are an effective choice because they automatically change their shade as face sunlight.


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