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How do You Order Glasses Online?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Evelyn Jackson


No doubt to order glasses online is a super convenient way because you can grab more trendy and designer glasses at the lowest cost than a traditional store. Besides, you also prevent yourself from the threat of the COVID-19 virus while just a single visit to the store. But it is a trick to order online eyewear, and you need to train yourself how to shop smartly. Luckily you are here to read this treasure information about prescription lenses and eyeglasses. Besides, you will learn how to speed up your entire process.

It is pretty simple to order prescription eyewear from your comfort zone. This is because only with the pressing of one finger on the keypad of your digital devices. Browse unlimited styles and enjoy all products at affordable prices with zero travelings. How it is strange, you have zero traveling but can browse the entire world to get the ideal pair of eyewear you need.

Prescription eyewear is expensive therefore, more and more people are looking for a platform where they can attain their vision device with reasonable price tags. Within a few years before, online shopping is increasing, and it is to be expecting that it will grow fast in the future.

Undoubtedly, convenience is the biggest factor, and almost all retailers are providing try-on tools. Through the try-on tool, you can make sure which style is giving your perfect appealing your face. Of course, there are several exciting solutions in telehealth as digital eye exams that provide the same expertise and qualities as typical eye exams of a local store. 

However, it doesn’t matter how it is convenient and attractive regarding prices, you need to shop the specs of your need. So, follow these quick guidelines to buy online specs.

How to Buy Frames for Prescription Lenses?

Online ordering is too convenient because you have an option to buy only frames. You get a frame at a cheap price and then visit your local optician for further fitting of the lenses. The frame is an integral part of the eyeglasses, and therefore it is a little costly than lenses. But if you need some help in the selection of a frame or want to choose the right frame size, you can get help from customer care service. Upload your face pic on the following website and use the try-on tool.

Visit the frame page and choose a stylish frame and then try your uploaded face pic. Try all frames one by one, and finally, you will get one style for your face. All websites have frames inventory according to material, size, and shape. If you are still not sure which frame style will be comfortable on your face, order more frames. You can return them after a refund.

How to Buy Frames and Lenses?

For this section, first of all, get your latest prescription from an eye care clinic or you can get it from an optician. This is like a routine eye exam in which there will be all reports about your eye health. They also note some changes if your vision has caught some change.

Several common eye issues need certain kinds of glasses to order to make your vision effective. For this purpose, visit an optical store to make sure about the perfect prescription for vision requirements.

But if you need the frame only, jump this step and directly approach the frame section only. Otherwise, stick with this post and get awareness for further process.

Measurement of Pupillary Distance ( PD ) :

Apart from the prescription, pupillary distance is also an essential point to know for online ordering of specs. Generally, it is a distance between two small circles of eyes. Pupillary is essential to know because it is the focal point of the lenses. Many optometrists don’t write PD even if you don’t request them. So, make sure before the start of shopping that your prescription note has mentioned PD as well. All information should be right and up to date to avail perfect pair of prescription spec.

Although it is not a big deal to calculate PD because you can measure it by yourself. Or get the help of your friend or family member to get the accurate distance between two pupils.

Choose Right Frame: 

After gathering all the required information, it's time to choose an ideal frame for your lenses. There are uncountable options to choose including materials, colors, shapes, and styles. In online services, you cannot try frames like local stores. Therefore, virtual try-on features work here as a mirror. After uploading your pic, check different frame styles and colors, go with that frame that is looking perfect on your face.

It would be better to try almost all styles because every frame has a different visual effect. Therefore, your face can attract any ordinary frame, and any color can complement your hair texture, eye color, skin tone.

Time to Choose Lenses:😎

After the completion of the frame section, now it is the turn of lenses. For this step, you are needed the latest prescription because it is crucial to choose the right one. It will enable you to pick what sorts of lenses as your preferences.

When you have got your latest prescription in your hand, start to browse online vendors for glasses. In front of your eye, there will be a large assortment of men and women categories. Filter your category according to your gender so that you can directly jump into your required section.

Sorts of Lenses:

Although different sorts of lenses are available according to the need of vision. For example, single, bifocal, trifocals, and progressive lenses based on your eye health. Well, common types of lenses are according to eye situation follows.

Single vision lenses are most common kinds of prescription because it has a single viewing area. And of course, it has one focal point as well. Such type of single-lens is for reading, and mostly they have power from +1 to +.25.

Bifocal or trifocal lenses are double and triple focal and share one frame. But the surface of one lens is divided into two different vision zone to resolve two problems in one surface area. The lower part of the lenses is for the correction of farsightedness. And the upper part is made for the correction of distant objects.

Progressive lenses have a common name is no-line bifocals. These lenses offer three different prescriptions at one surface of the lens. These incredible lenses allow you to see closer distance while reading time. Use mid-portion lenses for middle-range distance work or for viewing objects at distance.

Lens Materials:

After finalizing the kinds of lenses according to prescription, it is time to choose a material according to your lifestyle. If you are involved in more than two activities, grab more impact resistance according to lifestyle. Let's discuss different materials and find out which one is more suitable. 👇

         ✔️ Plastic lenses are durable and lightweight material. They are mostly recommended because of their impact resistance and comfort.

         ✔️ Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and thinner as compared to plastic. Due to their impact resistance, they are the best option for adults and children.

         ✔️ Trivex lenses are lightweight, thin, and impact resistance as compared to plastic lenses. Besides, they offer 100% safety against UV rays, and they are the finest option for prescription sunnies.

         ✔️ High index lenses are the thinnest and lightweight, but they are specially designed for a strong prescription. They are manufactured with hard resin, therefore offer great comfort for daily use.

         ✔️ Transition lenses are a great choice when you are working in two different environments. They are light-adopted lenses because automatically change lens shade as per light intensity. These lenses turn clear in indoor light and are tinted in the presence of sunlight. So, they serve as sunglasses and regular glasses on the indoor side.

Lens Treatments:

         ✔️ The anti-reflect coating is applied for the removal of glare and protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation as well.

         ✔️ Photochromic lenses automatically change lens color in the presence and absence of light.

         ✔️ Polarized lenses are the finest choice to eliminate glare and enhance contrast while driving by providing visual clarity.

         ✔️ Scratch resistance is the defensive treatment to avoid scratches over lenses.

         ✔️ UV protection is the best defense against risky UV rays that can damage the eyes.

         ✔️ Mirror lenses are the best reflective treatment to eliminate glare that produces from smooth surfaces.

Insurance Coverage:

Finally, your selection process of order glasses online has been completed, make sure you have checked insurance if any website is covering it. Many insurance schemes provide good coverage for online ordering. You cannot get insurance in one situation if a retailer is out of access. So, call the insurance provider and ask for the advantage of the access plan that you can avail yourself of.

Check Out:😎

Finally, this is the last step of the entire process, you have to leave this platform and pay for selected spectacles. Make sure you have revised all processes including return policy, warranty, and guarantee. Double-check is always the cool idea if you are missing or any wrong information in any column. It's time to correct it before leaving that page. Wait for the arrival and then enjoy new pair of specs for your eyes.


Although first-time orders of glasses online can be challenging because you need to learn a lot of techniques. But hopefully, the above-mentioned guidelines will give you some edge in your shopping because these are simple steps, not a science formula.


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