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Miraculous Technological innovation at George Washington University

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Evelyn Jackson


A futuristic design of vertical-cavity-surface- emitting laser (VCSEL) has been devised by researchers. The stimulated efflux of optical feedback of Laser has been elevated. VCSELs could play an indispensable role in supercomputers and technology due to its supersonic feature. By fusing multifarious coupled cavities, a multi feedback in Laser is instigated which has made it high-tech.

Great Optoelectronic Execution of VCSELs

 3-dB bandwidth, is simply the speed limit of VCSELs which is narrowed by various effects either thermal or others which helps them gaining a huge marketing importance.

Hazards likely to Happen when Dealing with Laser in Lab

Where Technology itself can prove rejuvenating, the same time it can prove fatal. When you are coping with such magnificent inventions, you're likely to get:

• Tissue burn

• Eye damage

• Explosion of gases

• And other non-beam hazards


To insulate from any harm which can be caused by beam hazards or non-beam hazards, it's very crucial to take all safety measures. Make sure to use Laser safety glasses. CO2 polycarbonate laser safety glasses are preferably used.

Some Astounding Hallmarks of Laser

Nobody could ever ween a technical equipment which makes tons of atoms to bombard millions of photons at once to make light beam with its unsurpassed potentiality could be as powerful as hydrogen bomb.

Yeah that's true! One of the types of Laser actually possess the power of hydrogen bomb. Laser gives highest accuracy and vanquishes nanometer which is one milliard of a meter. Level 5 of a laser can prove malignant by causing skin burns and permanent eye blindness.

Any other radix of beam of light can muddle the photons where Incase of laser, the beam of light is coherent from every direction. It's possible to get the concatenated information about genetic code which lies in polynucleotide strands of DNA with the help of Laser which is no lesser than a miracle. ELI-NP has recorded the most power level of 10 petawatts which can vaporize matter.

Laser beam for having flair of splintering the razor blades has been used for measuring the strength of Laser in past. This method of measurement is amazingly known as "gillettes”. Where One Gillette is equal to 1.5 J. Laser was contrived for the first time in 1963. But for merchandising, in 1971 it was used for the first time in barcode scanners in supermarkets. Basically, laser was also used for the determination of distance between moon and Earth in 1969.

Laser tags always sound cool. In 1970, they were made for the US army as a part of innocuous training. On combining with magnetic field, lasers help cooling atoms. From counting the number of atoms in a substance to production of 3D images in space without lens, Lasers have played a vital role.


Is "Laser" a "Maser" or "Maser" a "Laser"?

You never heard of Maser before? Before Laser's invention, Maser was used in atomic clocks. In Maser, photons are emitted in the guise of microwave which is different in case of Laser.

Life without Laser?

You will live a partial life if there will be no Laser. From medical to industrial manoeuvre we need laser. Without optical media the storage of 700 megabytes would become almost difficult especially for those people who can easily approach CDs, DVDs and Blue ray discs which can even store data of 50 GB.

Lasers can even spot seismic waves to detect earthquakes.

Laser plays a vital role in almost every sphere of life. Laser has saved millions of lives with its startling potentiality in medical field. It is weilded while treating Bell's pulsy patients. Because laser beam is very small and definite so it can help treating tissues without causing any affliction.

It helps in treatments, diagnoses and therapies which without Laser would be hard to deal. Due to its precise beam, it succours in treatment of women with severe acne and open pores. As we all are accustomed to living a life with technology without Laser undeniably, it will suck.

Dangerous Laser

If the laser colour is green you better protect your eyes, it can harm your eyes badly. The wavelength of green laser is 532nm.

Can we sight laser beam?

No we can't! Why? Because photons are bombarded on the spot they don't go into your eyes so you cannot see them but once they reach the targeted point you can see the reflection of light.


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