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Spiraling Exertions of Smart Glasses with Multifarious Trump Cards

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Alina Jacob


Glasses have held the frontage of spec enthusiasm for more than anticipated time. But that frontage turned the tides by the outlook of deviance from conventionalism that led it to the edge of Smart Glasses. This is the neoteric art of the eyewear fashion and later-day enthusiastic for tech articulations. Meanwhile, up to the minute furtherance is also developmental and detrimental for both dimensions, be it Prescription Safety Glasses or Smart Glasses' rhetoric.


The equivocal illustration of features addresses the coherence of newness, winsomeness, gorgeousness, and preciseness of specifications in relative terms. However, the precipitated aspect goes with Smart Glasses that is bewildering on highly excited and enormously hiked tech traits in such specs. On account of cogency in a spec sector that has never been so vehemently observed is slowly becoming part of mainstream articulations.


It is all so winsome that Technology has eventually entitled itself with the most non-conventional frontage of fashion, visual orientation, and present-day augmentation detailing and positioning. Such is the nomenclature of this technological positioning in the eyewear industry. To what extent this specialized positioning is vesting spec technology, and what are its short-term and long-term promulgations? It seems abstract from a single terminology used as "Smart Glasses," but this terminology's manifestations are far-reaching with the predictive and productive notion.


Understanding towards Smart Glasses


The commoners' perception about when it comes it smart spec has only limited entitlements. These limited entitlements aren't what this impeccable notion is all about. It is encapsulated between innovation and traditionalism. To disclose and unlock the detailed peripherals about Smart Spec makes it obligatory to understand the configuration of these items in the first place. If it were standard specs, the discussion would have been about lenses, layers, frames, and etcetera. As it involves the technological positioning regarding smart specs, the configurative aspects are technical. The original clutch in this regard to understand about components of intelligent spec. These hardware components entangle the entire structure of these specs, making them entailed with smart workability.


  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Embedded Battery
  • Camera
  • Connectivity Panel
  • Gyroscopic Sensors
  • Magnetometer & GPS
  • Memory Unit
  • Optical Lens

These are detailed dimensions of smart glasses, and they are incorporated in all these formats. Some of these dimensions and formats are familiar in commoners' perceptions, i.e., the Camera, Battery, and GPS workability. The wearer might wonder about these impeccable tracking features, long-lasting workability and operational tendencies, and recording & capturing paradigms. These dimensions have excessive and articulated usage, all various sizes. But some of the least renowned aspects of smart specs need a categorical illustration.


An accelerometer is embedded in Smart Safety Glasses with intended usage. But the categorical purpose of the accelerometer is to chalk out the acceleration in smart glasses. It calls off the rotational tendencies in eyewear products from its pivotal point. Each rotation counts for an iteration. Each iteration counts for one unit of acceleration. The accelerometer is embedded, but its by-default operational tendencies are about entailing the pivotal point of glasses. The completion of iteration is vested from the crucial point.


Likewise, the ambient light sensor in the smart specs is all about sensing the intensity of light. It works as an auto light-sensitive format in these specs. Because the capturing and recording formats are entailed exposure in them, the disclosure of lesser light would trigger the intensity response by elevating the brightness into those formats. Likewise, triggers are vested when the capturing & recording parameters have excessive sunlight. This triggering response has the sensitives that are detected automatically via an embedded ambient light sensor. It projects better results as y-default On & Off Night Mode during the capturing. This ambient light sensor is very aggravated in these aspects.


Then comes the connectivity. In the era of Mobile Applications, it seems abstract to entangle the manual modes into smart gadgets. Why not using the Application Format for such purposes. But for connectivity is a fundamental requirement. Luckily, there is a connectivity portal into these glasses that supports the Networks in Wi-Fi format. Such a network can be backed into these specs that open up the closet of multifarious features with highly vested workability traits. This connectivity helps it operate to do the multiple tasks that are designed for a particular smart spec. Hence, the connectivity becomes a fundamental way out of disclosing the available features in them.


The workability paradigms regarding Magnetometer are also very admirable in these glasses. The Magnetometer's embedded hardware is cordial based on numerous aspects as the smart specs are a good option for navigational parameters. The small screen, i.e., the optical lenses, are cordially the navigational panel to disclose the shortest, safest, the most recommended direction and way out. Magnetometer does the job in a very cordial manner.


Once again, the navigational features are also associated with the network connectivity. With no network connectivity, these features are not portable at all. Another important feature is also vested into that magnetometer feature. It is about GPS. The smaller hardware element of GPS has been incorporated as well. This GPS gives a good prerogative of tracking and tracing. The inclusion of tracking and tracing makes the smart spec hander in the longish journeys. This feature was primarily added for military purposes; then, it slowly became a new normal in every Smart Prescription Sunglasses.


Aside from such advanced aspects, another advanced and artificially intelligent feature as also be vested for better collaboration between eyewear and its wearer. A memory unit has been allocated along with other meaningful and imperative features. What is the purpose of the memory unit in the glasses? A memory unit has been embedded with AI-inspired algorithms.


In collaboration with the Memory Unit, these algorithms help the wearer give instructions and voice commands. The memory unit identifies the queries predefined and predetermined in the Memory Unit. Otherwise, the questions made over voice wouldn't be determined by the AI-inspired algorithm embedded into it. The memory unit is also preserved in this regard for capturing as well. As some of the recording tasks are required, it also entertains those recordings into the memory unit.


Based on impeccable configurations, components, and features, what areas are suitable for these smart specs? Here are practically recommended areas that are compliant with the workability of such specs.



Aerospace & Avionic


The cache memory Astronauts were entertaining with for communication in Apollo Mission was in KBs. It wasn't much. But it made the connection. Today, smart glasses have dynamically massive potential gesture-less communication between the astronauts and the mission hub. Before this concept, head-mounted cameras were used that were embedded in Space Suits and were quite manual indeed. But these specs make the Space Suits independent of such manual workability paradigms at all.


Gaming Industry


The gamers have the absolute inclination for custom-built gaming PCs that are very expensive, embedded with insanely expensive Graphics Cards, and non-compliant to traveling. But the smart glasses can vest the new normal for gamers if they can experience the same prerogative at smart glasses. It only needs one threshold custom-built eyewear to construct the new normal of the Gaming Industry for good. Many efforts are still in transition as IT Firms are trying to figure out smart glasses for gaming purposes. That would indeed be Gamers' Day.


Traffic Crime Detection


Traffic Control Officers are always facing the odds of crime in the city. Hit & Run cases are lodged so often, but the Traffic Control Officers lost track of the culprits and criminals in the pursuits. With the Smart Glasses, culprits and criminals' identification process becomes easier for the Traffic Control Officers. Likewise, on the entry points on every sensitive building, cameras are hoisted. To have complete and better visuals of each individual, smart glasses are the smart choice. Every person passing in front of a security officer wearing smart glasses can be detected.


Navigation & Travelling


Travelling doesn't need Billboards and Traffic Signs. The navigation systems have replaced them entirely. Smart Glasses have better incardination for Navigation in remote manners. The memory unit embedded in these glasses is for understanding the commands given in the voice.


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