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4 Things Must Consider Before Buying Blue Light Glasses

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Alina Jacob


Do you remember how many hours are spending on light consumption? Perhaps you have no idea or something like the answer is not enough. Our ancestors were not consuming light and digital accessories. But now our world is lit up, and it is vital to know how much light you are consuming per day. Are you wearing blue light glasses while using digital gadgets? Light has enormous effects on your overall health. And more light particularly in the evening time is seriously harmful to your sleep.

As we have read many times about blue light it has damaging effects on our overall health including sleep. But it would occur when you are exposing blue light at the wrong time it means nighttime rather than daytime.

But now the question is from where blue light is coming? Digital tools are the big source, but some environmental energy is also needed for homes and public places. So, there is one way to control blue light exposure to reduce screen time. But many people face screens for many hours without any protection. For this reason, blue light glasses are essentially vital for you. Filters are also a good source to block blue light, but these are linked with the individual scree. But in the case of light blocking glasses, you can use them at any place at any time.

The eyewear industry is expanding day by day; blue light glasses are also available in almost at eyewear stores. For these glasses, science works behind them which filters out hazard light. Besides, it helps in sleeping and regulates your circadian rhythms. Furthermore, it decreases the eye strain and other potential hazards for the eyes which are appearing because of blue light. Make sure your glasses are also showing great resistance against UV rays.

So, are you excited to buy blue light blocker lenses after hearing several advantages? But when you are buying no matter what kind of products, you need to consider few points. So that you can protect yourself against harmful light perfectly. Below here are few considerations that will describe how to choose effective specs for your use.

Why Do You Need Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light causes to disturbs your sleeping pattern and circadian rhythms. How much do you know about blue light? In the line of the visible spectrum, blue light has the shortest wavelength. Sunlight consists of blue light with the wavelength of other visible light. Blue light has a high amount of concentration in both digital sources and is energy-efficient. But it is fact that all kind of blue light is not hazards for eyes. Although continuous exposure to blue light as excessive use of digital devices at a sleeping time can be a hazard for the eyes.

Blue light is not the only issue for the young generation, but it is same harmful for kids. Kids are also big users of the screen, and some studies are also showing negative signs that children are also facing the same problems. And the big news is that blue light eyewear is extremely effective because they filter out hazard light. Besides, they will help to restore good sleep and even your circadian rhythms. Other advantages are

  • Boost up signs of insomnia
  • Enhance sleep quality and amounts
  • Boost up cognitive performance like learning and memory, brain processing

1Don’t Affect Your Vision:

A lot of users are also conscious about their vision if they use blue light glasses. But good quality blue light eyewear is constructed with amber lenses that only affect blue light and don’t hurt vision. Amber lenses can control not only blue light but also other stimulating light. But they allow other lights to in which are less alarming, and you can perform clearly your normal activities like reading, watching TV, and computer. So, go ahead and get the advantages from these beneficial glasses.

2- Blue Blocker Glasses Are for Every Gender:

All of us have different activities, and therefore, all of us have different challenges in light consumption. Some people have to work more than 10 hours in front of a screen per day. On the other hand, some have odd hours to work in front of a digital screen. While gamers have to sit for a long time to play games and even many people like to watch Netflix in the evening, they should wear blue light reading glasses. So, all have different using times but have the same risk is excessive use of blue light.

3- Light Holding Apps Are Not Effective:

Although built-in apps theory is a good idea scientifically they are not effective to block blue light. They don’t block a high amount of energy and don’t even correct your sleeping pattern.


Alina Jacob

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