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What Makes Safety Glasses Safe

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Alina Jacob


Workers need to keep wearing safety glasses according to the nature of their duties. No doubt, the past safety eyewear was bulky and too much pain. It was never thought that they could be comfortable in wearing and could be more stylish. Now the safety specs are the best amalgamation of function and fashion.

So, OSHA needs to employees should wear the right applicable PPE on their jobs. And job place is a great threat to their personal health as well. Therefore, for eyes and face protection, appropriate protection should wear when workers are working under the area of flying debris, harsh liquids, and dust particles. And for this objective, frames and lenses should stamp ANSI Z87 and exceed the standard of OSHA.

ANSI stands for The American National Standard Institute establish the standard through design, test manufacturing, and eyes safety tools. And there are also standards for impact resistance. According to the design of standards, lenses are classified into two safety standards. Basic and high impact and they are kept in different categories through test criteria. In a basic test, there is a ball test in which a steel ball of one-inch diameter is released over lenses from a distance of 50 inches.

Besides, for the high impact test, there is a steel ball are shot with a velocity of 150 ft/sec for eyeglasses and 300 ft/sec for face protection. So, all safety devices should be stamped with high impact standards.

Every protective device will show the stamped standard, and basic eyewear will have the maker’s indication with Z87. On the other hand, the high-impact lenses should have plus sign with the Z87 following. Besides, lenses could have extra marking, shaded lenses have mentioned shade numbers like 3.0, 5.0, and so on. Apart from this, there are some special kinds of lenses that are marked with S and variable tinted lenses will be marked with V sign.

Well, side shields are the individual requirements or components, and they are of 10-mm through impact standard test. But wraparound lenses have integrated frames of side shields, and they don’t have side shields because they don’t recommend them. Furthermore, OSHA needs lateral safety on eyes safety devices when there are any hazards of flying particles. And such kinds of hazards are always existing in the work-related environment. So, every non-RX safety eyewear must meet the safety needs of OSHA, and for side safety, there is a standard mark Z87.1.

So, you have assessed the testing procedure is rigorous for all kinds of safety spectacles. Therefore, every owner should conduct a PPE valuation, and then they should give the appropriate safety to the workers. Besides, for further information, they can even contact to OSHA department for the test assessment.


Can Safety Glasses Hurt Your Vision?


Well, there are several myths related to safety eyewear that they hurt wearer vision. And therefore, there are a lot of workers who are worried that if they have a healthy vision and they see through plastic lenses, whether it will damage their vision. No doubt they have a true concern. So, for their satisfaction, there is no hurt at all, and wearing protective goggles cannot harm their healthy vision. Well, there could be some other kinds of discomforts like eye fatigue and headache and that can affect their safety.

Even chances can occur, and you are feeling some discomfort because of safety goggles while reading this post. Eye strain is the biggest cause of fatigue and discomfort which lead to severe headaches. Eye fatigue can occur when your muscles feel tired because of intense use of focusing. And the same thing can happen when you are involving in rigorous exercise, and they feel tired.

Symbols of Eye Fatigue and Eye Strain:

  • Watery eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Trouble in focusing
  • Blur vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Headache

No doubt that eye strain and eye fatigue are the leading cause of pain because of discomfort eyewear. If you are wearing cheap quality eyeglasses for a long time while doing a job, your eyes would get the discomfort experience. But your eyes cannot be hurt permanently due to eye strain and cannot be an effect on your productivity.  In this situation, stop your work, remove your protective spectacles, and get a little break to remove the eye situation. Besides, in a severe situation, eye strain can lead to impaired vision, and even it can affect your visual awareness. Furthermore, it can affect your overall safety, and you can get injured more.


Reasons for Eye Fatigue Caused by Safety Goggles:


The wrong fit is the main thing in a situation of eye fatigue. This is because a lot of people have a misconception that one size fits everyone. But every gender has a different skull size, and therefore, they can fit in different sizes of spectacles. Such kinds of issues arise with most road workers because they get one-size-fit safety equipment and get eye fatigue.

The wrong tint is another major issue because if you have a working place where you can experience glare, you need a proper tint to avoid such a situation. Well, different kinds of lens tint are needed for a specific glare environment and precision is the key while choosing tint. These tints reduce the light intensity, and your eyes can enhance focus and concentration. In case of using the wrong tint, you can get eye fatigue and eye strain.

Scratched lenses are also the leading cause of eye strain because you can experience the blur view. And scratching can become because of the age of glasses, no appropriate care, and no proper cleaning, etc. Well, whatever the cause of scratching, but it can affect your vision by the polycarbonate lenses and lead to eye fatigue. So, make sure if you have scratched protective specs, instantly replace them.

Poor quality of lenses is also a big problem in causing eye strain. If your safety specs have lower-quality polycarbonate lenses, you can get a cloudy view through your lenses. Besides, poor quality lenses can provide you little distort vision and can lead to eye fatigue. But super quality lenses will be free from any imperfection and aberration, and they can allow you natural vision.

How to Avoid Eye Fatigue Through Safety Specs?

Make sure about your manufacturer and get detailed awareness about the polycarbonate material of frames and lenses. How they are constructed, and what are their test criteria? Do the manufacturers have experience with the entire process of how lenses work? So, all these essential things will provide positive or negative effects on the quality of the frame and lenses.

Get the best trial before implementing safety specs through safety eyewear programs. This is because they can give you full awareness about how to wear protective specs that couldn’t hurt your vision, safety, and productivity. Besides, you need to try many pairs so that you can choose according to your safety, fit, performance, and style.

Well, it has become clear that safety glasses cannot hurt your vision permanently, but you can experience eye strain and eye fatigue because of the wrong glasses. Low-quality specs can lead to poor clarity, and this is also a big factor in eye strain.

Important Features to Consider for Safety Spectacles:

No doubt no thousands but hundreds of occupations are a danger in the society, and one use is also involving. Welding, carpentry, medical field, and constructions are just a few of them that are a great threat to your eyes. So, for eyes safety, you need to wear safety goggles because they are vital to buy the right pair. But chances are you can get the wrong pair of eyewear. Therefore, to access the right pair of goggles, you may require to consider few important features.

1-A strong impact rating is the first thing to consider if you are working around flying objects with high speed. And these high-speed particles can become a great threat to your eyes. Safety specs are tested under the high impact, and this test needs a one-inch thick object is dropped over the lenses. Basically, this test is about to make the lenses strong if any fast object is colliding with them, and how they react. For the test of high impact velocity, a steel ball is hit on the lens with high speed to check the integrity of the lenses. If the lenses of the safety goggles pass these tests, they get a plus sign. So, if you are facing large flying objects, you must attain protective optics with plus sight.

2-Absolute fit is also essential when you are choosing protective eyewear. Fit does matter because of many reasons because loose-fitting can get a great threat to your eyes. For instance, you are working in a radiation field, and the laser should not make any direct link with the eyes. This is because any laser experience can lead you to permanent damage and good fitting is vital for your eyes. But apart from this, you need to make sure your protective goggles are also comfortable. Comfortable and good-fit glasses help you keep the focus on your work despite readjusting your eyewear. Readjusting can lead to unnecessary threats, and even it can distract you from danger as well. Almost all manufacturers of safety glasses can provide you certain kinds of fit and frames, so choose the right fit glasses.

3-Filters eyewear that you need because certain glasses can shield your eyes from radiation. For instance, welding filters should secure your eyes from the rays of a torch, and laser safety specs must block laser radiation. All these safety specs have a certain filter that is designed to provide safety from specific things. So, make sure filters have the best pairing with your needs and read out all descriptions in detail while buying protective eyewear.

4-Prescription safety eyewear is also the biggest problem because just in America, more than 70% of people wear prescription lenses. And most of these people need protective goggles. Well, you would perform without prescription lenses for short time, but for a long time and better performance, you need permanent corrective glasses. Therefore, prescription safety glasses are a superb option for those workers to perform their duties without any vision barrier. But there could be little out of style because they can be bulky than your regular glasses. So, when you are buying protective specs, pay close attention as per the need of your vision.

5-Style looks a little unnecessary thing but, it is an essential point to look best at your working place. This is because if safety specs have little weird shapes, you will try to readjust to look best on you. And it can lead to loss of productivity. Luckily, safety glasses are available in proper style and fitting because manufacturers know the need for style at the workplace. So, choose a style of glasses that enhances your facial features, and you can perform in the best way. Therefore, pay close attention to the look of the protective specs while buying them.

6-Reviews are also a vital point while purchasing safety specs because thousands of people use them. And they write reviews about the product which they have used. Through these opinions, you can access the right pair of safety gears. These reviews you can get through online sources, online forums, their social media accounts, and from their website as well. Besides, you can get complete awareness about the weakness and strengths of certain specs if you are planning to buy.

7-Durability is another factor that demands high attention because safety specs are expensive if you want to keep them for a long time. These safety goggles should quickly stand against any danger therefore durability is the main factor. Long-running safety specs are the best investment, no matter how much it is expensive. Your profession might be harmful, but you need to keep secure eyes. Therefore, you need occupation protective eyewear to shield your eyes so that you can retain your eyesight.


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