Myopia or short-sightedness is often characterized as an inability of the eye to bend or refract the light properly to the see images clearly. Images tend to be focused in the front of the retina instead of on the retina. Near objects seem to appear clear but distant objects mostly occur as obscured. According to research, almost 25% of the US citizens suffer from myopia. Interestingly, a person suffering from myopia can see clearly in the dark. It is a quite common condition across the globe and can be usually rectified by wearing glasses frames or lenses. It typically starts to develop in kids in the age between 6 to 12. There are basically two types of severe myopia:



DEGENERATIVE MYOPIA: In this condition eyeball windup elongated, making it hard to see objects at distance. Furthermore, the retina becomes detached and results in abnormal growth of the blood vessels of the eyes. Degenerative myopia is usually inherited from your folks. It is also called malignant myopia.

HIGH MYOPIA: In this type eyeball become long more than of its size and the distant object becomes obscure. Furthermore, this type can also result in the cataract.


  1. Distant objects by all accounts seem obscured.
  2. Severe headache due to inability to focus clearly.
  3. Eyes squint for focusing on distant objects
  4. Children move screens of electronic contraptions close to their eyes to focus more clearly.
  5. Eye strain.


  1. When eyes become overly elongated, it results in myopia.
  2. Myopia can be genetic. There are 15 distinct chromosomes associated with myopia.
  3. Spending too much time on electronic gadgets results in short-sightedness.
  4. Deficiency of sunlight or spending too much indoors can likewise result in myopia.
  5. Reading a lot can increase the risk of developing myopia.
  6. Using microscope, a lot or doing intensive near work with eyes can result in nearsightedness.




  1. USING GLASSES FRAMES: Most of the people opt to wear eyeglasses for correcting their vision. Always use high index eyewear and photochromic glasses for protecting your eyes from UV rays and for correcting your vision. For purchasing the best glasses frames visit EYEWEB. You can also improve your vision by wearing contact lenses. It’s extremely to properly handle your contact lenses otherwise they can cause damage to your eyes
  2. LASER SURGERY: A laser beam is utilized to reshape the cornea and as a result image starts to form on the retina instead of the front of the retina.
  3. LASIK: A thin layer is created in front the cornea and then laser helps to remove tissues from the inner layer of the cornea to reshape the cornea and the flap is placed back on its original position.
  4. PRK: Laser helps to evacuate corneal tissues which was flattening the cornea and as result images start to focus clearly on the retina.
  5. CORNEAL REFRACTIVE THERAPY: In this procedure, doctors advised the patients to wear a series of contact lenses which helps to reshape the cornea.


  1. Try to restrain the usage of electronic devices as much as you can.
  2. Quitting smoking can reduce the factor of becoming prone to myopia
  3. Visit your doctor regularly for being well aware of the conditions of your eyes.
  4. Avoid putting a strain on your eyes.

Spending time outdoors can help you improve your vision.

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