Obscured or cloudy vision is often insinuated as low vision. People with low vision regularly feel difficulty in doing their daily chores like cooking, reading the writing, looking after their personal needs and forth on. Vision become obscured because of the assortment of reasons. Some eye ailments like corneal dysfunction, glaucoma, retinopathy, diabetes and numerous other lethal diseases of the eye result in low vision. Sone of the conditions can be dealt with while some of them can’t and as a result, a person has to carry out life with low vision. If you are one of those who is battling with low vision, you don’t have to stress out. I am going to present you some tips from which you can cope up with low vision.



  1. LABEL EVERYTHING WITH BIG SIZE FONTS: By labeling everything with sticky notes and having big highlighted labels helps you to remember everything and you don’t find difficulty in finding out things because highlighted big fonts always remain in our memory. But remember that it takes time and a lot of practice.
  2. TASK LIGHTING: Installing small lights near the stove, your computer table and near the table you work will illuminate the area and can reduce the problem of difficulty in seeing properly.
  3. WEAR YOUR GLASSES FRAMES REGULARLY: If the doctor has prompted you to wear prescription glasses, then you must wear your eyeglasses frames. Circumventing from wearing your glasses frames will make the problem worse for you and it's also very dangerous for your eye if you don't wear them.
  4. USE CONTRASTING COLORS: Using contrasting hues in your workplace as well as your home will aid you to see things properly. For instance, using a combination of white and red will brighten things for you making it easier for you carry out work.
  5. MAKE EVERYTHING BIGGER: From the font size of your mobile screen to the page of your book, take a stab at in utilizing everything with bigger fonts. This tip will certainly help in coping up. Furthermore, some companies offer a digital screen with bigger size fonts tries buying them.
  6. INSTALL MORE LIGHT IN YOUR HOME: Installing more light your home than usual will brighten surfaces in your homes, making it easier for you to see small things.



Look it won’t be easy for you to cope up with vision problems but by developing your own tricks to tackle your chores and by practice, you can certainly perform better. If you are confronting problems to see things around you, Prescription Glasses Frames then ask help from somebody. It’s ok to have problems in life but how you cope up with them makes you stronger.



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